About us

Trainwreck Press publishes poetry that is non-linear, abstract, avant-garde, alternative, innovative, surreal, visual, concrete and/or experimental. Basically, we publish work that approaches language in a unique way, poetry that explores the limits of the ability of language to communicate.

We are a Canadian based publisher, but publish work from anywhere in the known universe, or the unknown universe.


Trainwreck Press grew out of the online poetry magazine ditch, and published a series of chapbooks under the Trainwreck Press imprint from 2007 until 2009. After an extended hiatus, Trainwreck Press is back!


Hope you enjoy our books – and please help spread the word. There aren’t many outlets for experimental poetry and I am pleased to be able to make some adventurousness available to the world.


-  thanks, John C. Goodman

Mission Statement

um…there isn’t really any mission…just trying to get by, keep my head above water, coping as best I can…I don’t want to squeeze the universe into a ball and roll it toward some overwhelming question…I just want to survive...missions are for the zealous…but if you want a mission, buy a book, encourage others to buy a book…loose your passion into the world, nothing may come of it, but that doesn’t matter, it’s the act that is meaningful, that piece of performance art called your life…like any performance the curtain closes, the orchestra plays the final cadence, the dance ends, the house lights go down, and it’s all just a memory, pleasant or unpleasant as the case may be, a personal memory, one that no one else can touch or understand, your own private marriage of heaven and hell…but it’s feeling that creative energy coursing through your veins, the green fuse that drives the flower, indistinguishable from love, the song of the darkling thrush among the bleak twigs, the strength of Sisyphus not to be crushed by overwhelming circumstance, finding meaning in an absurd existence, finding your place in an indifferent universe, finding meaning through creating, creating meaning through creating…so perhaps there is a mission after all, to live a creative life, to deconstruct and reconstruct, to get up every morning and face the barren wasteland of dreary monotony and face it with care…to create and recreate, to create…

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