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Submission Guidelines

Trainwreck Press publishes poetry (and some prose) that is non-linear, abstract, avant-garde, alternative, innovative, surreal, visual, concrete and/or experimental. Basically, we publish work that approaches language in a unique way, poetry that explores the limits of the ability of language to communicate.


We are a Canadian based publisher, but accept work from anywhere in the known universe, or the unknown universe.


Reads year round. Usually replies within two months.

We have two Imprints:

off the rails chapbooks – 5.5 x 8.5, 28 pages, 28# bond paper, 65# colour cardstock cover, saddle stitched (stapled spine), trimmed edges


Rough Books – 5.5 x 8.5 or 7 x 8.5 format, 72 pages, 24# bond paper, 65# colour cardstock cover, side stapled spine (report style), untrimmed edges

Submission Guidelines:

1.     Our main interest is poetry, but we will consider prose if it is off the rails. We will consider essays on experimental poetics. We do not publish haiku, formal rhyming verse, or mainstream-linear-narrative poetry.

Reprints: If you have a book previously published by a now-defunct press and to which you own the rights, we will consider re-publishing it. Or, if you have published a number of chapbooks, we will do a Selected Poetry edition of work from all your books.

2.     Trainwreck Press publishes both established and new writers. First books are welcome, but the author must have some work published in literary magazines.


3.     Rights: In submitting you are affirming that you are the copyright holder of the work. In submitting, you are granting Trainwreck Press the right 1) to publish the work in printed book format, and 2) to feature selected content on the Trainwreck Press website. Copyright remains with the author.


4.     Please include a brief bio. (A headshot in jpg format is also encouraged.)

5.     How much material to submit:

       off the rails chapbooks have a maximum of 25 pages of printed text (25 pages of poetry or up to 10,000 words of prose).

       Rough Books have a maximum of 70 pages of printed text (Query first before submitting to Rough Books)

6.     Submit as an email attachment: text in Word .docx or equivalent format; visual poetry in .jpg format. (It’s ok to submit in pdf format, but if the work is accepted, you will be asked to provide Word, jpg or equivalent formats). The author will receive a pdf review copy for approval before publication.

Send to:

7.    The author will receive:

Off the Rails Chapbooks: 8 free books with the option to purchase more copies at a discounted price.

Rough Books: 5 free books with the option to purchase more copies at a discounted price.

(If more than 25 copies of any edition are sold, royalties will be paid at 15% of the cover price - excepting author purchased copies)

Each book will have an individual page on the website that can be used as an author page listing other publications (with links on where to purchase), awards, links to interviews and any other information.

8. We accept simultaneous submissions.